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WeatherPro for iOS has a wealth of weather details

Mel Martin

Oh no! Another weather app. Actually, I'm thrilled at all the competition. WeatherPro has a great deal of information, far more than I see in most other weather apps. It is also very graphical in its approach, and a quick glance will show you a lot about the area your are interested in. WeatherPro for iPhone is on sale for US$1.99 (regular $3.99), and the iPad version is $2.99 (normally $4.99). [Note: Sale prices have ended]

Of course WeatherPro has a seven-day forecast with dynamic short-term forecasts, 2 million reporting locations from almost anywhere in the world, alerts and warning for extreme weather, sunrise and sunset time (a detail many apps leave out) and animated radar and satellite maps that are zoomable. It also features iCloud sync if you are running the app on multiple iOS devices, no limit to the number of locations you can display and the ability to use GPS to figure out your current location so you don't have to look it up.

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The app is quite complete, but there are premium options for European customers that include a 14-day forecast, lightning strike plots, ski and beach weather and higher-resolution images. The additional data options are $5.99 and $1.99 depending on the mix of information you want.

I don't think the extra purchase is necessary, and US buyers will find the app very complete as it is. I put the app through its paces and found it responsive and easy to read. It found every small town and obscure location I gave it, which backs up the claims of millions of locations. The satellite maps and radar maps displayed smoothly. I also liked a little feature that lets you email or send someone a text of your current conditions. If you have a backyard weather station from Netatmo, the app supports getting data from it. WeatherPro is well-named. It has a lot of info and is a complete weather solution.

WeatherPro requires iOS 5 and is optimized for the iPhone 5.

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