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Free standalone Sven Co-Op coming to Steam with Valve's blessing


It's been almost 15 years since Sven Co-op, a mod for Half-Life that adds online co-op to a custom version of the original campaign, made its debut. Today, the Sven Co-op team announced Valve is officially embracing the mod, promising to provide a custom version of the original Half-Life engine so the group can create an updated version of Sven Co-op for Steam.

The new-and-improved Sven Co-op will be a free standalone game for all Steam users and will include the original Half-Life campaign, so no purchase of the original game will be required to play. SteamPipe, a backend update delivery system, will also be incorporated to keep the updates flowing. Finally, the team promises "larger and more detailed game worlds" in the new Sven Co-op.

Presumably work on the new Sven Co-op is already underway, but the announcement post offers no insight into when we'll be able to see this updated version, let alone get to play it.

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