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Blizzard's favorite Hearthstone cards

Blizzard Community Manager Zeriyah has posted a great blog today over on the official Hearthstone site where she has hounded the devs on Team Five to cough up their favorite cards to complement her own selection. Zeriyah had a harder time with some of the devs than the others, as she reports on Twitter:

But several of the others were more forthcoming, and Eric Dodds selection of the Crazed Alchemist seemed the most exciting of all the cards chosen. He explains his choice as follows.

Eric Dodds
I love the Crazed Alchemist because it has a lot of very practical uses and at the same time lets you do really interesting and unexpected things. The alchemist is a 2/2 and when it comes into play it swaps the health and attack of a target minion. The practical side is reversing the stats on a Shieldbearer or Nat Pagle and instantly killing it because it had an attack of 0 and now has a health of 0 and so it DIES! Boom. On the crazy side, I like reversing the stats of the Mogu'shan Warden and turning a 1/7 into a 7/1 and using it to kill a big creature (or on the other side turning an enemy Mogu'shan Warden into a 7/1 and pinging it for 1 damage to kill it). Not only that, but he only costs 2 mana and he's crazy to boot! What a bargain!

This sounds like a really exciting card, that has a huge amount of potential. One of the things I really like about Hearthstone is the involved nature of the strategy, it's not MtG, sure, it's far easier to wrap your head around than that, but it epitomizes Blizzard's philosophy of easy to learn, hard to master, with tactical cards like these.

What about you? Have you seen any cards that tickle your fancy? Or, if you're playing any other online card games, what do you enjoy there? As a current Order and Chaos Duels addict, cards that are high risk high reward appeal to me, such as ones that deal heavy damage to your opponent but also to your hero. What sort of cards are you hoping to see?

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