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Breakfast Topic: Your very best screenshots

I knew I'd be stuck playing World of Warcraft when, after logging on, I regularly got distracted from quests and other game content to look around and take screenshots. The environment was lovely and I couldn't stop looking around, touristing my way across Azeroth and collecting screenshot-postcards as I went. Now, I've spent years in World of Warcraft, but I still spend probably too much time exploring the world around me -- and taking plenty of screenshots. I'm fairly sure I'm not the only one! With the number of submissions we get for Around Azeroth, it seems evident that many of you have dedicated time to collecting an Azerothian photo journal.

So why not share your screenshotting talents? Where's your favorite photo spot? How, when, and where did you capture your greatest shot? What tips have you to share with photographic newcomers?

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