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Community Blog Topic Results: The in-game store


Our latest Community Blog Topic is about the in-game store. What would you buy from it? As expected, many people said they wouldn't buy anything, but there were also plenty of people with nifty shopping ideas.

Ideas for the store

Tyledres at Frost and Claws would like to see shapechanging items.

I love being able to change what my toon looks like temporary. Dartol's Rod of Transformation,Iron-boot flask, the orb of the Sin'dorei, love them all. If there was an item that was from the Blizzard store only but would affect what a character looked like for say half an hour and had an hour cooldown or something I would want it. I'm not sure what it would turn you into. I don't have a specific item in mind. I just like to occasionally look different.

ErynisVictoria at The Harpy's Nest would like some help leveling up professions.

Something similar to exp boost but for professions. There are some droughts in the profession leveling process which make it make it really painful and I'd happily use real money to skip bouncing backwards and forwards to the auction house spending a fortune on low level engineering materials.
A Mount of the Month Club was suggested by AlternativeChat at ALT: ernative.
It's like Beer of the Month, only with Mounts. If you buy the mounts separately, it's 5 Euros each, but you can get all 12 delivered to your mailbox on the first of each month if you pay 50 Euros for the lot. You won't care that everyone else will be flying/riding about on the same mount for a month, because you'll have twelve things to count towards an achievement and, again you can save valuable time having to fly around countless instances trying to farm for things that never drop. If Blizzard were REALLY smart, they'd stick something like Anzu in the package, that you could only get if you paid the 50 Euros for the complete package. Yeah, that would do it.
NPC party members were suggested by unlimitedBLACK at Power Word: Remix.
Now, this might be my very controversial pick, but bear with me. If Blizzard is going to throw NPC party members at us in Proving Grounds, it demonstrates that the groundwork is there to create NPC party members that could roll with your character in other circumstances. Want to run 5s but don't have your tank player on? Buy an NPC tank and run your randoms gleefully. Build some mistake-logic into the scripts so that it's not a perfect player, and it means that the other players will have to stay on their toes. It really shouldn't be a perfect replacement for a flesh-and-blood player, but if the objective is to give people the opportunity to run the content they want, the part where "you need this many friends and/or the ability to pug in Trade to participate" is a barrier that can be mitigated.
alykii at Dead Gnomes Society wants Bind on Account scrolls.
Buy a scroll, make one of your soulbound items BOA. So when your main is done with an item, slap a BOA scroll on it and send it to your alt! This would make gearing alts much easier, and allow guilds more flexibility on raid fill-ins. We have the technology for this with heirlooms. Let's do it!!
JeffLaBowski at Sportsbard had some suggestions as well.
Personal profession bot- Kind of like a Blingtron or Jeeves. Your personal profession bot would train you all up in your professions and even sell related goods to you. It would have to be BoA too.

Multi-passenger vehicle- Whether it be a hot air balloon, zeppelin or some other magnificent vehicle that let me carry 5-10 players around. I would also love the ability to plot my own flightpath courses for leisurely travel.
Laeleiweyn at World of Lae wants unavailable class/race combos.
Draenei rogue? Gnome druid? Yes, please. I get the lore reasoning behind not letting every race be every class. But single characters being exceptions would make sense. We already have Mishka...
Admiring Azeroth would like to see TCG loot available in the store.
These items can be purchased from wowtcgloot for real money so why not sell them in-game. I realise there's probably some issues with this idea from a legal stand point with licences etc. I just think more people would be inclined to make purchases directly in this way.
junitogodzilla has several suggestions.
Transmog items, Leveling weapons and gear, High level weapons & armor, Mounts, Pets, Mount and pet vanity items that can change their appearance, rocket packs for my land mounts so they can fly, vanity effects that can change the way my character looks or moves, Id spend 20 bucks on on a BOA infinite potion that scales up or down so I never need to buy potions again, 32 slot bags, and if there was seemless integration Id be ordering food all the time.
Dope_Danny suggests something that I'd love to see.
I had a good think about this and i got something i would actually buy.


Think about it, all the art for D3, mixed bag though the game was, wouldnt you want your rogue or hunter to have that demon hunter look? or monks for... well the monk or what have you?
Cautions about the store

WordGardener at Deletrix's World of Warcraft Blog has this hope:
I dislike the expansion of the store, but at the same time I understand it from a business standpoint. I do hope very much that as it is tested and rolled out, Blizzard seeks to maintain the same integrity they've shown in their years of running WoW by finding creative ways to make money while staying true to their mission, game-side.
HerrKlokbok at The Exodar Sisters fears a floodgate has opened.
Blizzard opens the possibility for purchaseable game changers. Worst case scenario now: Some items we could see; and this is worst case scenario:
  • Ready to raid characters.
  • Best in Slot gear.
  • Heroic armor sets or weapons.
  • Trinkets with extra stat boost.
  • Potions or on use-items to neutralise boss mechanics.
  • 1K Valor Points or equal yet unknown points for X dollar.
  • Epic gems – or even legendary gems.
  • One shot, one kill-trinkets.
  • Chunks of levels, say 10 or 20 levels.
Arguments against the store

HowardIrizarry has this to say:
Wow has always separated itself by the vastness of content and the difficulty ranges of play. From casual to advanced mechanics and number cruncher. I am all for ways to speed alts and equalize game play for those who have earned the right to skip or speed processes, but the game is easy enough without giving buyable options.
notikor voices a common argument against the store.
I bought a pet once from the store. But I would like for everything to be obtainable through gameplay, not by forking over more cash.
Development expenditure bothers chuperex.
I'd be less critical of this if the items were also available for in-game gold. Even exorbitant amounts of it. That way, players have the option of spending time or money. It's bad enough that the current Blizzard Store items are given no context within the game world, but knowing that any amount of dev effort is being put toward exclusive paid content kinda bugs me.
Immersion was cited as a problem by many including OneRogue.
I don't mind paying money for perks and cosmetic items as long as there isn't an option to drop a great deal of money to gain a PvP or Raiding advantage. That said, keep it on the website, out of game. In game I spend gold. Out of game I spend money. Don't mess with immersion.

Keep your reality out of my fantasy!
Inflation as justification

adamjgp1 defends the store.
So there's a lot of talk about "My $15 should get me everything there is, and nothing should be extra". I'd like to point a few things out:
  1. WoW released on November 23, 2004
  2. $15 in 2004 is worth $12.04 in 2013
  3. 15 > 12.04
So really, the price of a sub has gone down, and the amount of content you get has increased quite a bit (in my opinion it has increased more than the price of the sub has dropped). So... shouldn't you be expecting less today than you expected in 2004, but are in fact receiving more for your $15?
This was a controversial topic with a lot of passion on both sides of the argument, which was fun to read. Do you have suggestions for future Community Blog Topics? Leave them in the comments below.

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