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Notion Ink renders show Adam II, accessories and EVE smartphone


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Notion Ink's been teasing the Adam II for well over a year now, and while the first generation left us cold, we're curious to see what the second attempt brings to the table. A series of renders recently surfaced that allegedly show the Android tablet, its accessories / packaging and a companion smartphone concept named EVE. It's unclear if the images -- which have since been pulled -- are legitimate, but the design appears to match previous leaks. The accessories include a collapsible docking station, USB charger, stylus and dual-tone leather carrying case. What's most intriguing, however, is the EVE smartphone which also runs Android and features a 4-inch capacitive touchscreen along with a secondary display mounted on its spine, just like the Adam II. Check out the gallery below for the complete set of pictures.

Gallery: Notion Ink Adam II, EVE renders | 22 Photos

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