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Refurbished 320GB PS3s for $200 at Sony Store

If you're unwilling to wade into the calm, inviting waters of the Day 1 console launch pool this year, the Sony Store is offering refurbished 320 GB PS3 Slims for $200.

Cheap Ass Gamer user timro33 posted about the sale on the site's message boards this afternoon. The deal is for the second-generation PS3, a model that doesn't offer the original build's compatibility with PS2 discs. It does, however, play physical PS1 and PS3 games, a technical feat that its imminent successor will not be capable of.

Refurbished PS3s carry the same warranty as their untroubled, factory-fresh counterparts, so you'll have the same luck avoiding the console's pigmented take on the white flag as anyone else should you decide to buy one.

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