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Steam Summer Getaway Sale, day 9: Skyrim: Legendary Edition, Monaco, Civ 5 and more

Jordan Mallory

We're here live from Downtown Internet where the ninth round of the Steam Summer Getaway Sale World Series Championship Cup Tournament Series Finals are just about to get started. Stepping into the ring now are reigning discount heavyweight champion Valve Corporation and plucky underdog Our Wallet, who up until now has suffered eight consecutive crushing defeats at the hands of Valve.

And there's the bell! Valve opens with a powerful right hook of Skyrim: Legendary Edition for $35.99, but Our Wallet narrowly avoids, having learned its lesson after the Skyrim Flash Sale earlier this week. Valve recovers with a quick succession of rapid-fire blows to the belly: Grid 2 for $29.99, EVE Online for $4.98 and Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition for $4.99. Our Wallet powers through the barrage but its starting to look a little worn out, now is when Valve should–

Civilization 5 at $7.49 straight to the jaw! Followed by a one-two combo of Trials Evolution: Gold Edition for $9.99 and $3.39 Awesomenauts to the ribs! Our Wallet is barely on its feet now, one more clean blow from Valve and oh my God a left hook Monaco at $7.44 and Metro: Last Light at $29.99 straight under the chin! Our Wallet is out cold, this fight is over!

... Did Valve just spit a $10.99 Train Simulator 2013 bundle onto Our Wallet, after the bell? How can this be considered a legitimate sport?

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