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Guild Wars 2 ramps up for the first Invitational Tournament

Eliot Lefebvre

Do you think you've got what it takes to be a champion? Guild Wars 2 is hosting its first Invitational Tournament and invites all players to take part in the matchup. With $7500 for the winning team and a studio tour for every qualifying team, there's plenty of reason for experienced players to gather allies and fight for the right to be the best team across North America and Europe.

The rules are fairly simple. Each team of five must register on the official site to take part in the Regional Qualifiers, which are July 27th and 28th for European players and August 3rd and 4th for North American players. The actual tournament is on August 31st in Seattle. Both tournaments are single match elimination, with the qualifiers playing for best two out of three and the invitational playing for best three out of five. If you've got a team ready to go, head on over to the official site and get ready to play for the prize.

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