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Battlefield 3 Premium subscribers over 4 million, Origin exceeds 50 million


EA has dusted off the Numbers Trumpet™ and is celebrating subscriber milestones for both its Battlefield 3 Premium service and its digital distribution platform, Origin.

Battlefield 3 Premium subscribers have surpassed four million in total, up from the 2.9 million subscribers reported in January. As of January, EA secured $108 million in revenue from the shooter's content service, though no update on that figure is available in the latest financial report.

Over 50 million users have registered accounts on Origin, an increase of over 20 million users since October of last year. EA's DRM and content delivery service was introduced in June of 2011 and, according to comments from EA VP Andrew Wilson earlier this year, is currently shifting away from a means of driving transactions into "a service to gamers."

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