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Blizzard trademarks "Cute But Deadly"


News of Blizzard trademarks always spells a flurry of speculation on video game websites such as this one, especially when they begin to roll in toward the end of an expansion cycle, like now. Yet somehow I doubt that "Cute But Deadly" is the title that will follow Mists of Pandaria as the next World of Warcraft installation. However, if I happen to be wrong about this, hats off to Blizzard's sirs and mesdames for a superb bit of trolling.

Of course this begs the question of just what it might be a trademark for. I could see it as potentially having to do with Hearthstone, or maybe, considering that Blizzard has just announced production of a children's book, something along those lines. Maybe it's just a decoy to throw us all off the scent. could be a new spin-off miniseries featuring Wrathion and all his adorable, angry dragon friends! No? Uh, well then. Who knows? Certainly not me, but guessing games are fun!

Edit: Our commentariat has let it be known that this is the name for the new line of super-deformed merchandise that was announced at the Blizzard SDCC panel. The more you know!

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