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'Female Vampire' wins Tekken Revolution fan vote


A poll on Facebook asked fans a few weeks back which of several proposed concept characters they would like to see fully realized in Tekken Revolution. The poll narrowed it down to three potential fighters and, during a presentation at Comic Con last weekend in San Diego, fans selected a winner in "Female Vampire."

Attendees were able to choose from "Female Vampire," "Sexy Tekken Force" and "Shin Kamiya," the top three winners of the original Facebook fan poll. Then, by a show of hands, "Female Vampire" emerged victorious. The Tekken Revolution development team will work to add her to the roster immediately, with a planned entrance penciled in for sometime in the fall.

Tekken Revolution is a PS3 exclusive free-to-play version of Namco's long-running fighting series. A significant update, which will add a practice mode, new playable characters and customization options, is planned for later this month in North America.

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