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iTravelGo is a focused travel guide for 36 cities

Mel Martin

iTravelGo is a US$0.99 app that is limited in cities, but very deep in the information it provides about them. The app has been released today in the App Store.

The 36 cities include US destinations Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and San Francisco, plus other popular places like Vienna, Madrid, Hong Kong, Rome, Beijing and many more. Information includes maps with driving directions, the best attractions, restaurants and hotels. Hotel rooms can be booked through directly from the app.

I found the app quite complete. Almost all of the information you want is built into the app, except for map details, web links to hotels and other ancillary web-based information. That's a handy feature if you are out of the country and don't want to rack up data costs.

I liked the handy phrases and a brief history of the cities, and detailed transportation maps and cost estimates for taxis.

The app has many photos that can be useful in evaluating a restaurant or a hotel. Rough prices are given for all attractions, hotels and restaurants, and little details like WiFi features are most welcome.

Gallery: iTravelGo | 8 Photos

There are two things that would make this app better. It needs a search option, so you can find a restaurant or attraction by name, not by going through lists. Also, there is no sourcing for the ratings. How do I know the places selected here are the top hotels or restaurants? Who says so? In some cases, a hotel or restaurant listing notes that it has won an award, but complete sourcing would be helpful. Even links to Yelp or other similar overseas services would give a more complete picture.

iTravelGo is a very nice app, and I will certainly use it when my travel plans call for a stop in one of the included cities. I'm pleased that you get every feature of the app for the purchase price, rather than be hit with in-app purchases.

If your destinations are not on this app, you'll find many city-specific travel guides at the App Store, and free apps like Around Me that have complete lists of nearby locations. And of course there is Apple Maps and Google Maps.

iTravelGo is designed for the iPhone, and is not universal. It's a 75 MB download and requires iOS 6 or later, and the app is optimized for the iPhone 5.

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