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Study: iPhone is the 'most social' device


In the last decade, content sharing has become a major part of modern life. Our daily interactions are largely built upon recommending articles, pictures, songs, videos and other digital artifacts. But what device do people do most of their sharing on? Thanks to a study by ShareThis, we know. iPhone users are the most active when it comes to social sharing of links across both mobile and desktop devices.

ShareThis should know. The company is a publisher platform that provides social sharing buttons for websites. According to their findings, users are twice as likely to share content on a social network when they are using their mobile devices. Of those using mobile devices, 12.4 percent of iPhone users, 7.4 percent of Android and 6.3 percent of BlackBerry users are more likely to share on their devices.

Only 5 percent of Mac users and 3.9 percent of PC users meanwhile are more likely to share when using their desktop.

The study also contains an interesting bit of trivia about the iPad. Almost 50 percent of social activity through ShareThis on the iPad involves Pinterest.

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