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The Queue: I'm rooting for the kaiju

Matthew Rossi
Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Matthew Rossi got suckered into writing it during the podcast.

That's right, Pacific Rim fans, I'm calling it now: until you get a jaeger to take on the big G, I'm simply not impressed. Let's get Legendary Films and Del Toro together and make it happen so I can watch Godzilla kick big robot and alien monster behindus. (The word I wanted to use has three letters in it.) And yes, in the end Godzilla destroys everything that even tries to fight him, because he's Godzilla.

On to your queries. Godzilla.

SparkysShocker asks:
Q4tQ: In answering this question,

"Can you transmorgify the new legendary cloaks to look like something else?."

I am left with this question, Will the spell effects of the legendary cloaks persist if you transmog them to something else?

Well, first off, Alex may have answered the question incorrectly. Until a clarification is issued by Blizzard about legendary cloaks, you cannot at this time transmog over a legendary item. They simply cannot be interacted with at all in the transmogrification UI, neither as a source for another item nor as the item you're going to transmog over. I do know that if you are in a form that doesn't show a cloak, the spell effect still happens, so if they allow us to mog over the legendary cloak, then perhaps.

Alexey asks:
How do one find the specific icon they want in the myriad of macro or item set icons?

Sadly, it's not currently easily searchable. Honestly, I get tired of scrolling endlessly through the interface and just pick one I can stand. A lot of my macros have the generic WoW screamy face icon.

Oak-leaves asks:
QFTQ: Apart from the achievement "Eternally in the Vale", are there other achievement becoming Feats of Strength in 5.4?

The Horde and Alliance achievements that reward the "Darkspear Revolutionary/Hordebreaker" titles will also become FoS with patch 5.4, and the weekly quest will no longer be accessible. If you're working on your transmog set, finish up soon.

Drindaar_Lightkeeper asks:
Q4tQ: Regarding Titan, do you think Blizzard can make another MMO that is different enough to stand out from WoW? Or are we going to get WoW with simply a different coat of paint? I remember a while back reading something about Titan being a "casual" MMO. Does this mean Blizzard isn't targeting the same audience as WoW? Do you think Blizzard is trying to create a successor to WoW or something to stand beside it on the market?

Okay, let me first note that everything I type answering this question is completely my own opinion. No one at Blizzard has told me squat about Titan. I don't know its real name (since Titan isn't it), what kind of game it's going to be, or anything else.

Do I think Blizzard can make a game different from WoW? Sure do. I have no idea what Titan will end up being, but I doubt highly that Blizzard has any intention of just making another WoW. They have WoW, they don't need to reinvent that particular wheel. Literally anything else you've heard about Titan is something someone else speculated on, so take anything you read or hear about it as such. We don't know how casual it will be. We don't know if it's going to be an MMO-Shooter hybrid. We don't know if it's going to have us piloting giant robots and fighting kaiju. We don't know if Godzilla will be the end boss, but I hope not, because he'd win and kill us.

I do think that creating a 'successor' to WoW is less important to them than making a cool new game people will want to play, based on how Blizzard has worked in the past. But that, too, is just my speculation.

GordonSullivan asks:
I'm curious. What do you consider to be "Pay to win"?

I've always considered any item that affects combat and has stats on it to be a 'pay to win' item, but I came across an argument on the SWTOR forums the other day that the level 31 gear sets on the cashshop there are not 'pay to win' because they are not 'best in slot'. I'm curious what everyone else thinks.

I'd personally come down on the side of 'pay to win' being exactly what those words imply - you're exchanging funds for victory. In an MMO like WoW, that's a fairly fluid thing, but as an example, if I could buy gear that equaled or exceeded the best currently available when I made the purchase (say, epic weapons at the 522 item level, currently only available from normal raiding) then I'd see that as 'paying to win'. Being able to buy an experience boost is definitely not because all you 'win' is skipping out on content, and to me not only is that not a victory but it's fairly trivial in a world with refer a friend, heirlooms and a farmable experience elixir.

That being said, I'm leery of letting people spend real money on gear at all. Transmog gear doesn't bother me - it provides no stats. But gear with stats on it bothers me, even though I think I agree that level 31 gear sets in SWTOR don't qualify as 'paying to win' especially since level 31 is fairly far from the level cap. If they put, as an example, the original Dungeon Set 1 pieces on the Blizzard Store, you couldn't argue that you were paying to win when you bought them, even though they have stats and you could equip them on your level 60 character. I'd still be uncomfortable with that, but my discomfort is more with the precedent it sets than the idea itself. I mean, is a level 60 with Valor on winning anything besides a style contest? I still don't want to see them do this, but that doesn't change the fact that you'd be spending money on gear you'd replace as soon as you hit Outland.

BaronOfTheLake asks:
So lets, for the sake of argument, assume the next expansion does indeed happen in space again. What do you think the odds are of the Starcraft and Warcraft being finally combined? It would give them a whole host of new lore to draw upon, a new group to draw subs from, a whole bunch of new options for classes and races, and it would just be awesome.

Slim to none. The settings share some superficial similarities due to their respective origins, but Starcraft isn't orcs in space. Frankly, I'd rather they just plain make up some wholly new alien planets for us to explore. Like Darsa-Khtul, home of the Shan Koor, a nation of expansionist warriors who see good and evil as meaningless and fight only for personal glory and loot, plundering the cosmos and waging war on the Legion, the Old Gods, and anyone else who comes in range of their floating city ships.

Until they run into Godzilla and he kills them. Because he's Godzilla, and he totally would.

Have questions about the World of Warcraft? The WoW Insider crew is here with The Queue, our daily Q&A column. Leave your questions in the comments, and we'll do our best to answer 'em!

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