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Google's 'breakfast with Sundar' is today at noon ET, get your liveblog here!

Brad Molen

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We've been invited to a breakfast with Sundar Pichai, the man with the [Chrome and Android] plan, and we know what you're dying to find out: will we feast together on bran muffins or jelly donuts? Coffee or orange juice? Kidding aside, we imagine one of the biggest fellas on Google campus just wants to have us over for some tea, so we're going to be there with our liveblogging hats on, ready to get you all of the latest product announcements and other news at a second's notice. Perhaps Android 4.3 and the latest Nexus 7? Or is it something else entirely? Will there be dancing? Join us at noon EDT and hit up this link for the action!

July 24, 2013 12:00:00 PM EDT

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