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Hand-picked Xbox Indie PC ports in new Indie Royale bundle


Eight PC ports of what Indie Gamer Chick, a site devoted to Xbox Live Indie Games, calls "the best Xbox Live Indie Games ever made" are all available in the latest Indie Royale bundle. Throwing down more than $8 will guarantee three soundtracks in addition to the games.

Dead Pixels, a zombie shooter with a hard survival slant from CSR-Studios, headlines this latest Indie Royale bundle and is joined by Brilliant Blue-G's 2D platformer with light RPG elements, Chester. Gravity-flipping side-scroller Antipole from Saturnine Games leaps into the fray, as does Monster Jail Games' quirky retro romp, Lasercat. Rounding out the bundle are espionage puzzle game SpyLeaks, space-age shmup Orbitron: Revolution, top-down racer Little Racers Street and Smooth Operators: Call Center Chaos, a game where players create and manage their own call center. A handful of the games are also vying for Steam Greenlight support, if you feel like tossing a few votes their way.

As of now, the current minimum is around $4 for this Indie Royale bundle. As with all Indie Royale bundles, this one will be available for a week.

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