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Nvidia Kepler mobile GPU 'Project Logan' supports Unreal Engine 4


Nvidia has unveiled its new mobile graphics processor, built on the same Kepler architecture found in its latest PC graphics cards. Dubbed Project Logan, this new chip supports Unreal Engine 4 and, according to comments from Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney, will empower mobile devices with "the same high-end graphics hardware capabilities exposed via DirectX 11 on PC games and on next-generation consoles."

Right, it's not just Unreal Engine 4 – Nvidia says Project Logan supports popular graphics standards Open GL 4.4 and Direct X 11, and uses one-third the power consumption of GPUs found in "leading tablets, like the iPad 4." Project Logan runs at 2.2 teraflops, with more raw processing power than can be found in the PS3's GPU.

Above, you can see a video demo of Nvidia's faux-face "Ira" rendered on Project Logan in real-time, and embedded past the break you'll find Nvidia's "Island" demo running on the mobile chip. Project Logan is still in the prototyping phase, so don't expect to see it in the wild anytime soon.

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