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Retailer shows off new store concept via eight iPads, never gets them back


Let this be a lesson to all of you business-minded iPad owners out there: showing off your plans to clients using your pricey slate may leave you entirely tablet-less. Guampdn reports such was the case for DFS Galleria, a duty-free luxury retailer bidding for a spot in the Guam International Airport. The company -- along with several others bidding for a spot in the concourse -- showcased its plans for a new shop space to airport representatives, but what set DFS apart was that it decided to use eight iPads to display its proposal rather than use simple paper binders.

Rather than returning the tablets to DFS after a decision was made -- for which DFS's proposal didn't make the cut -- the airport is hanging on to them, as per its policy. The airport's guidelines for such proposals state that all documentation from bidders will be kept by the agency's procurement office.

So the iPads remain in the care of the airport, locked away in a file cabinet with the rest of the failed proposals. Oh, who are they kidding? They probably spend all day playing Flight Control now.

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