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    Flyro is an addictive and fresh endless runner game for iOS


    In Flyro for iOS (US$0.99) you're a nimble bird with a special power; you transform into a destructive flame when flying. Your home town, appropriately named Birdtown, has been frozen by an evil mouse, Moustermind. Your mission is to overcome all the obstacles the Moustermind sets before you so you can save Birdtown.

    Flyro is based on the classic arcade-style, endless runner game. You fly around and through objects and obstacles to score points, complete objectives and ultimately unfreeze Birdtown.

    It's really simple to get started, the controls are excellent for touch devices like iPhone and iPad. With your thumb, slide or tap left and right to move Flyro (I assume that's what the little bird is called) around the screen, so he doesn't crash into things and die.

    When flying in a straight line, Flyro transforms into a flame that can burst through wooden bridges and barrels. This earns you points, golden coins and fireball tokens. Collect enough tokens, and a massive fireball erupts to help fend off enemies.

    Unfortunately, when Flyro moves around to avoid objects, his flame power disengages and he's susceptible to crashing into wooden objects and dies.

    One great thing about Flyro is that the game-play is never quite the same. Using Moustermind Tech, Flyro automatically adjusts game-play difficulty based on how well you play the game.

    With a soundtrack from composer Mike Morasky (Portal 2, Left 4 Dead), beautiful graphics, and addictive game play, Brute Farce's Flyro takes a new spin to the endless runner game and comes out with a real winner. Do check out Flyro.

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