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Shadowrun Returns developer to Kickstart 'Golem Arcana' tabletop game in August

Jordan Mallory

While the majority of Harebrained Schemes is still knee deep in developing content for its Kickstarted strategy-RPG Shadowrun Returns, which just launched today, a small team has already begun work on the developer's next project: Golem Arcana, a smartphone/tablet-assisted tabletop game.

As explained by founder Jordan Weisman, Golem Arcana is set in a world where powerful Golems do the bidding of their creators, who infuse organic materials with magic in order to create obedient, deadly homunculi. A Kickstarter campaign will be launched sometime next month in order to fuel development, though Weisman did not say how much money the team is looking to raise.

Golem Arcana's gameplay takes place on a physical battle map with figurines representing the golems, but the gameplay mechanics are calculated and implemented by a smartphone or tablet running an associated app. Using a proprietary stylus, players tap on the battle map or the figures to summon relevant information in the app. During battle, taping an ability and targeting a figure initiates combat inside of the app, which then spits out results and information about the turn.

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