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Around Azeroth: I am the one who knocks


"So, this druid brought me some mushrooms while I was in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, and the next thing I knew, I was in another world," writes submitter Arcanejane. "Floating dragons, white skies, flowers everywhere, and lots of efflorescence. Things are wild out here on the PTR; people don't play by the rules cause there ain't none. Some people don't know how to lift weights, but I do. And these mushrooms make it happen. Speak to my girl HALLO on Brill (EU-A), that druid will hook. You. Up! Trippy. Love, peace and PoM-Polys!" Hmm, throw a few "Yo!"s in there and this guy sounds like someone who I've seen around on Sunday nights. And are those pieces of flying mount debris falling from the sky? I'm guessing Arcanejane frequently quests with Heisenberg, a grandmaster alchemist with a unique transmute specialty.

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