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Patch 5.4 PTR: Timeless Transmog and Cosmetic Glyph Video


Perculia of Wowhead has been extremely busy digging up cosmetic glyphs and transmogrification sets. You can see several of the cosmetic glyphs in action in the video above, as well as on the original Wowhead post, and we are very impressed with several of them, particularly the Shaman Rain of Frogs and Glyph of Compy! We can imagine people Hexing a mob three or four times in an attempt to get the pink compy instead of the red one, or vice versa.

The new item level 496 sets look great, too, and would be just as great for alts as they would for a main's shiny new set. They are obtained both via rare drops and from collecting up the Timeless Coins and purchasing them from vendors, and it's also possible to get direct drops from both rares and chests. What's your preferred set? Personally, I honestly think the cloth set is one of the first ones I've actually liked from this expansion. Only the highlighted sets are specific to the Timeless Isle, the others are all looks we're used to from sources like Mogushan Vaults or Valor Points.

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