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7 Days to Die smells blood, rushes to Kickstarter

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If endlessly fearing the sudden hissing sound of a creeper isn't filling your horror-flavored, vector-based gameplay needs, 7 Days to Die combines open-world sandbox gameplay with zombies. Developer The Fun Pimps' Kickstarter pitch describes it as a mash up of survival horror, tower defense, and RPG elements.

Following the apocalyptic events of a third world war, 7 Days to Die takes place in the fictional Navezgane County of Arizona. An unknown virus infects the barren wasteland, leaving players fighting for survival. The game's story generation system guides players to other survivors and points of interest. Scavenging for food and supplies is necessary for survival, but finding the best gear will boost character stats like health and agility.

The game's scope includes a day and night cycle that strengthens zombies as darkness falls. Stagnant blood and loud noises will attract hordes as well. Crafting, skill trees, degenerating weapons, boss battles, realistic building physics, stealth options and creative user tools are all planned for 7 Days to Die. A no-rules Zombie Nomad Mode will also let players pick between guiding a human, bandit or zombie in solo, co-op and multiplayer games.

The Fun Pimps estimates a May 2014 Windows launch for 7 Days to Die with Mac and Linux versions following a few months afterwards. As of this writing, $70,422 of the requested $200,000 has been collected for the game's development. The Kickstarter campaign concludes on August 15.

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