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Jaffe-backed MotorGun Kickstarter canceled

Citing Kickstarter as a "harsh mistress," Pixelbionic has cancelled their pitch for MotorGun, their tune-up to the sparsely populated car-combat genre.

Pixelbionic pulled in $63,120 of the requested $650,000 within the first eight days of MotorGun's pitch. Twisted Metal Game Director David Jaffe joined developers that worked on Interstate 76, Interstate 82 and Battlezone to serve as MotorGun's Creative Adviser.

MotorGun's initial premise was a post-apocalyptic shootout between three visually distinct factions. It focused on welding car customization, team-focused multiplayer, and community features onto the established gameplay of the car-combat genre.

Pixelbionic has asked fans to "help shape the next phase of this wild adventure" on their forums while they "reformulate" the project.

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