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Xbox One controllers, headsets available for pre-order


The Xbox One controller is available for pre-order on the Microsoft Store for $59.99. The store is also offering the controller with a Play and Charge kit for $74.99, with the kit priced at $24.99 on its own. Lastly, Microsoft's Store lists its "must-have" wired headset for $24.99.

Amazon also has the Xbox One controller available for pre-order, listed for a Wednesday, November 27 release, just one day before Thanksgiving. The Microsoft Store still has the "Day One" edition of the Xbox One console listed as being available in November. Whether Amazon's date holds up remains to be seen, but the controller is also available for pre-order at GameStop and Best Buy. Sony's DualShock 4 controller for the PlayStation 4 is also available for pre-order, and is also around $60.

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