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One Shots: Peering over the edge


I do not like heights. By transitive properties, I do not like Cyberpunkhobo for sending in this photo that is capitalizing on my deepest fear. Did Cyberpunkhobo know that he was establishing himself as my lifelong enemy by the very act of this photo submission? Yes, I think he did. Vendetta accepted, sir.

Cyberpunkhobo attempts to dismiss the seriousness of his actions in his description of this screenshot: "If there's one thing Firefall does well, it's making you feel vertically-challenged. I don't know how many times I've been met by a giant wall of rock on my merry way to an ARES mission. But when I found my way to the top of this particular precipice, I literally felt like I was on top of the world. So I took a screenshot, unfurled my glider, and proceeded to fly away as far as I could."

You better fly, Cyberpunkhobo. I'll give you a 10-minute head start, and then all bets are off. So while we wait for this deadly cat-and-mouse game to begin, why not take a look at the other One Shots for this week?

One Shots Peering over the edge
No, the following photo isn't someone playing around with the filters in Adobe Photoshop. I don't think it is, at least. Instead, it's a white-washed view of an unfortunate confrontation in Guild Wars 2.

"This screenshot isn't altered in any way, just got the timing right," reader Symeth wrote. "Here, my Sylvari Necromancer falls to his death after approaching Jormag's lieutenant just to talk."

Learned your lesson about talking, did we? I trust you won't be falling for that particular trap in the future. Shoot first and keep your trap shut, that's what my mum always told me.

One Shots Peering over the edge
Reader Salo is taking a more... mystical approach to this screenshot from The Secret World: "My buddy (who also happens to be a pretty famous heroine) sitting in a pedestal holding a strange orb. Pretty neat, huh?"

Caution: Happy Fun Ball may suddenly accelerate to dangerous speeds. Happy Fun Ball contains a liquid core, which, if exposed due to rupture, should not be touched, inhaled, or looked at. Do not use Happy Fun Ball on concrete. If Happy Fun Ball begins to smoke, get away immediately. Seek shelter and cover head. Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball.

One Shots Peering over the edge
Because Massively's parent company, AOL, and its parent company, Elves Dancing on Mailboxes Inc., require every article to now conclude with a picture of seductive boogeying, I give you Star Wars: The Old Republic, a little skin, and a /dance emote.

"These two droids start up and play when you drop a token into the Jukebox on the Imperial capital Dromund Kaas," reader Jehenna said. "It's a perfect place for my Sith Inquisitor Mabden to get her groove on."

One Shots Peering over the edge
Sometimes I think I'm going a little too easy on you, the One Shots audience. You think that it's OK if a week goes by and you don't submit a new screenshot. You think that, well, someone else will do it, right? So you get free entertainment on the sweat and tears of others. I weep for the future. Please stop making me weep and send in a truly epic screenshot and description today!

Want to be featured in a future edition of One Shots? Send your favorite MMO screenshots to, and don't forget to include your name, the name of the game, and a description of the scene. Large, colorful, UI-free shots that tell a story and really show off the game make for the best images. Look ma, we brought back One Shots!

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