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First-person Sonic the Hedgehog is as weird as you'd expect


Similar to the first-person fan treatment Mario's received over the years, Machinima has released a video of what the original Sonic might look like from the eyes of the hedgehog himself. The vid takes the game's famous opening level, Green Hill Zone Act 1, spreads it across a 3D plane, and lets the speedy blue hog loose. A side-by-side shot of the actual game provides a neat 2D/3D comparison.

Even though it's somehow slower than we expected - the run isn't nearly as quick as this full-flowing vid by AngusFilms1 from a couple of years ago - it still feels overwhelming and unsteady. Not really a huge surprise, given some (not all) of Sonic's 3D outings that more resembled a rocket-propelled ice-skating spider than something controllable. Still, it's a good vid to while away a couple of Monday minutes in the wait for Sonic: Lost World, due on Wii U and 3DS on October 22.

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