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Gamersgate summer sale week 4 stars Sega, Sonic collection 75% off


The fourth week of Gamersgate's summer sale throws Sega into the fray, offering Alpha Protocol, Jet Set Radio, Binary Domain, Nights into Dreams, Renegade Ops, Alien vs. Predator and the Dreamcast collection for half off. The Sonic collection, which includes 13 games, is 75 percent off – $30 rather than $120.

Some of these are daily deals, offering extra percentage points off for a limited time, but all of these Sega games will be discounted for the entire week. Gamersgate also has daily deals and publisher bundles, including the Dead Space collection at a 60 percent discount, for $52. Far Cry and Far Cry 2 are $5 in a bundle, and the Prince of Persia complete pack is 75 percent off, or $15.

Hit up the Gamersgate summer sale here.

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