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USPTO issues another rejection to Apple's pinch to zoom patent

Mel Martin

Apple's had another 'pinch' from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office over its pinch-to-zoom feature. According to Foss Patents, The Patent Office has rejected all claims Apple made on behalf of its pinch-to zoom-API patent. Samsung, which has been pressing that the patent be thrown out, says it has a workaround for the feature so it can use it on its own products. Apple has been disputing the legality of any attempt to side-step the patent.

This is not a final decision in the case. Apple still has a right to appeal, and Apple could successfully defend the patent.

These patents are important in the lawsuits by Apple against Samsung, one of which has gone in Apple's favor, but is still being appealed and damages have not been settled. A second trial of Apple v. Samsung is expected to begin sometime next year.

The U.S.Patent Office decisions are for the U.S. only. Apple has other pending and settled lawsuits against Samsung in Japan and South Korea.

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