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Wii U no longer being stocked by UK retailer Asda


UK retailer Asda will no longer stock the Wii U, its games or accessories across its 555 locations. CVG received a follow-up statement from Asda that the retailer will continue to sell Wii U games through its online portal on a case-by-case basis.

Asda had been at the forefront of price cuts to move the console out (of its stores, apparently). The company had committed two price cuts to the console during the first half of the year.

Nintendo could really use some good Wii U news soon. The Asda departure comes after publishers have begun publicly addressing the lack of Wii U sales, which have forced them to delay one-time exclusives (Ubisoft), to get them on multiple consoles (Square Enix) or make rational business decisions (EA) – but there are always bizarre exceptions.

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