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Chat up the NPCs with The Repopulation's new Inquiry System

MJ Guthrie

Ever wondered what other information a NPC might be hiding behind the usual quest dialogue or vendor window? What secrets is that random NPC out in the world privy to? You can find out in The Repopulation. Lead developer Joshua Halls presents an overview of the sci-fi sandbox's new Inquiry System that allows players to glean additional information from NPCs throughout the world.

The system works like this: You simply click the NPC to make an inquiry. After any quest dialogues and vending is taken care of, the inquiry chat bubble will appear. Players can then ask about directions to someone or something or try to elicit hidden information using diplomacy skill. Want more information about a particular NPC, such as personality traits and profession? Ask his NPC friends around town! If you are interested in learning more of the world backstory or obtaining hidden missions, you can weasel that knowledge out of NPCs as well.

The Inquiry system will also be dynamic, with NPC moods and world events affecting what may become available during an inquiry.

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