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Facebook gets into mobile game publishing


Prominent social network Facebook has launched Mobile Games Publishing, a promotional service and distribution platform that aims "to help small and medium-sized developers take their mobile games global."

Facebook's pilot program will help secure an audience for "high-potential" mobile developers through promotional support and advertising across Facebook's services. The analytics-driven initiative will target Facebook's 800 million mobile users and 260 million game players across its network, recommending program-supported games to users who dabble in specific genres.

The Mobile Games Publishing program's launch follows up on Facebook and social game developer Zynga's split last year, ending exclusivity agreements between the companies and giving Facebook the ability to develop and publish games on its own terms.

Ten selected games will take part in Mobile Games Publishing's worldwide launch, including Certain Affinity's Age of Booty: Tactics, Gameloft's Kingdoms & Lords, and Outplay Entertainment's Monster Legacy.

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