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FileMaker announces Bento will be discontinued on September 30

FileMaker has released a statement saying that it's discontinuing its Bento database software in favor of focusing on FileMaker.

Bento will continue to be available for the Mac, iPhone and iPad until September 30. Technical support, software updaters for the Mac client and forum moderation will be provided until July 30, 2014. The company said it will not replace it with a similar product and urges users to migrate to FileMaker Pro, offering a $120 discount for existing Bento customers until October 30.

FileMaker says that growth of its flagship FileMaker product on iOS was one of the reasons behind shuttering Bento. Some Bento features, however, such as WiFi database sync between Mac and iOS clients, are not available in the flagship product.

Bento was released for a public preview in November 2007, with version 1 hitting stores in January 2008. FileMaker unveiled the fourth incarnation of Bento in March 2011, and the software has been a TUAW favorite.

If you want to pick up Bento while you can, the iPad version is US$9.99, the iPhone version is $4.99 and the Mac client is $49.99.

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