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Life-size Mario statue for sale on Amazon Japan

Jordan Mallory

Whether you're the owner of a local gaming shop or the parent of the world's most spoiled child, now you, too, can make a sizable investment in the momentary, fleeting happiness of a youth with this "life-size" Mario statue.

Available for ¥285,000 (about $2,900) from Amazon Japan, the statue stands five feet tall and is made from fiber-reinforced plastic. There aren't really any bells or whistles to speak of, what with it being a statue and everything, but it does give the owner a reference point for extrapolating the heights of everyone else in the Mario mythos. Is that worth nearly $3,000? Probably. Do we have $3000? Nope. Click up on the source link below for the fully-in-Japanese details, but be warned that the related items on this listing are not safe for work.

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