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Mozilla partners with BlackBerry to fuzz out software bugs

Nicole Lee, @nicole

You wouldn't normally think of Mozilla and BlackBerry working together, but now they have, and all in the name of hunting down software bugs. Specifically, they're working together on advancing Peach, an open source tool that lets them "fuzz" out flaws in software, especially web browsers. Mozilla says they've already successfully implemented Peach to scurry out problems in HTML5 features like image and audio/video formats, fonts, WebGL, WebAudio and WebRTC, which should lead to a more secure Firefox browser and OS. To help that along, Mozilla has also announced Minion, a security testing platform that displays a smaller yet more pertinent set of data so that every developer can sift through it, not just security professionals. Together with BlackBerry, which has a long history with security processes and its own proprietary fuzzing software, they hope that their shared knowledge will lead to a safer web for everyone.

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