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Netflix introducing personalized profiles to Apple TV


With the wide range of selections available on, and suggested by, Netflix, we've all had that embarrassing moment where you fire up the family account and your family discovers the Slumber Party Massacre marathon you had last night. Or Monk. Or whatever embarrasses you. Here's some good news, fellow viewers; Netflix is rolling out personalized user profiles and they're starting with Apple TV.

According to a report from MacRumors, and confirmed on Twitter, users who have previously set up profiles with the former DVD-delivery service can now see those profiles on their Apple TV's. The debut comes with some caveats. Profiles cannot be altered and new users cannot be currently added. This is a sort of a beta test for the company, which told MacRumors it has plans to roll out the feature for other devices later this summer.

Individual profiles come with a user specific content recommendations, your own queue, individualized viewing histories, and parental controls. Sorry teens -- your mom is still the final authority on Netflix watching.

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