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Paperdude VR rides into the neighborhood with Oculus Rift, Kinect


Globacore, a creative technology company specializing in large multi-touch displays, has come up with an interesting marriage of Kinect and Oculus Rift. Dubbed Paperdude VR, this work-in-progress is a first-person homage to Atari's 1984 classic, Paperboy.

As demonstrated in the video above, a player rides a stationary bike and attempts to toss newspapers into peoples' mailboxes. Except for sawhorses, the current version of Paperdude VR lacks many of the distractions and dangers the original paperboy had to pedal through in the '80s.

Depending on your perspective, Paperboy tells one of two different stories: It's either about a courageous suburban paperboy dodging vicious dogs and insane old ladies seemingly hellbent on preventing the flow of news from reaching the public, or it's about an evil kid on a bike who enjoys breaking windows and damaging private property. It's open to interpretation.

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