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Breakfast Topic: If every mob in the game dropped a mount...


There is a truly excellent discussion going on over on the official forums, wondering something which is very dear to my heart, so we had to throw it out there for our wonderful WoW Insider readers. If every mob, every rare, every killable thing in the game dropped a mountable version of itself, what would you be going after first?

There are so many great candidates, and one of them is in the header image. Epicus Maximus briefly appeared on the Cataclysm beta, before being added to the Brawler's Guild as a late-rank boss. Actually, there are several Brawler's Guild bosses which would be excellent as mounts. At the exact opposite end of the scale, the Harvester Golems in Westfall are something I've always wanted to have as a mount. We've got something similar in patch 5.4 with the Sky Golem, but it's not quite the same as those adorable little harvesters.

And I haven't even begun to start thinking about raid bosses, dungeon bosses, any of that. So what would be your primary target? Dream big! Anything's possible!

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