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Facebook begins rolling out embedded posts, starting with major media partners


Facebook has plenty of options for integrating with sites across the web. In fact, its share and like buttons were very much at the forefront of the social widget revolution. But, while its friends at Instagram have been enjoying embeddable posts since early this month, Facebook has had no comparable capabilities. That small, but obvious, advantage enjoyed by Twitter and Vine is finally disappearing, however. Today the popular social network and personal data gold mine unveiled Embedded Posts, which enable anyone to place interactive widgets on a page that contain images, links, update text and even clickable hashtags. Obviously, you can also like a post or follow the source account right from the embedded content. The feature is rolling out slowly, with CNN, Huffington Post, Bleacher Report, PEOPLE and Mashable the first to have it turned on for their accounts. Facebook promises that broader availability will be coming soon, but it my be awhile before personal accounts can start embedding public posts all over the web.

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