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Monster Hunter Frontier G exploring Wii U, PS3 this year in Japan


Capcom will bring Monster Hunter Frontier G to PS3 and Wii U later this year, according to a translation of the latest issue of Famitsu by Siliconera. The MMO is an update to 2007's Monster Hunter Frontier, which is already available for Xbox 360 and PC. Those two platforms should have recently received an update to Monster Hunter Frontier G2, according to the game's preview site. Even though the game will eventually be the same across all four platforms, PS3 and Wii U versions will have separate servers from PC and Xbox 360.

Like Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Frontier G will be compatible with the Wii U's Game Pad and Pro Controllers. However, Siliconera notes that it will not make use of the Wii Remote and Nunchuk control configuration. Frontier G will be available as a free download with physical copies available for 6,090 yen ($62), and will require monthly fees. The game will launch on November 20 for PS3 and December 11 on Wii U.

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