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Blizzard in-game store goes live on the PTR


The Blizzard In-Game Store is live on the patch 5.4 PTR. There's a few hoops to jump through to get it to work, but thanks to our friends over at Adriacraft, we have gained access. Adriacraft has also put together a video which shows the store in action, which you will be able to see after the break.

There's nothing too surprising about the interface itself, it has the typical Blizzard look, and there's nothing too flashy or showy about the store itself. We posted yesterday about the button, saying pretty much the same thing, that it wasn't likely that Blizzard would have bells and whistles and fireworks and huge arrows pointing at the store. And indeed, they don't. The currency is a test currency, so should not be considered any representation of the actual cost of the items. As you can see, you can buy either one or five, they're currently on sale, and there's not a huge amount more to say.

As far as the Elixir itself goes, it is BoA, so postable from character to character, and gives a 1-hour 100% buff to experience gained that persists through death. It's single-use, so an hour per elixir. Hit the break for Adriacraft's video!

For those who don't have video, there are some images below. Here is the purchase confirmation screen
Patch 54 PTR Blizzard ingame store goes live
And the achievement style toast that pops up when a purchase completes:
Patch 54 PTR Blizzard ingame store goes live

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