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Profits decline in Capcom's Q1 financial results

Jordan Mallory

Capcom has posted its financial results for the first quarter of its fiscal 2014 calendar, and despite continued strong sales of its Resident Evil 5 pachislo machine, overall profits are down. When compared to the same period last year, profits were down by 37 percent: ¥828 million ($8.4 million) in Q1 2014 vs. ¥1.32 billion ($13.4 million) in Q1 2013. The report says that these results are "generally in line with the fiscal year targets," which predict profits of ¥6.8 billion ($69.1 million) for the year in total.

Capcom's major releases for the three month period ending June 30 were the console/PC ports of Resident Evil: Revelations, and pseudo-expansion/rerelease Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen. Revelations performed best at retail out of the two, selling 900,000 units worldwide since the game's release on May 21 in North America. Meanwhile, Dark Arisen has sold 550,000 units since its release on April 23.

The document made only brief mention of recent layoffs at the company, saying that "reorganization (development, overseas subsidiaries) is now under way in association with the prior year's business structural improvements." This was listed under "Growth Strategy Initiatives," which is business-speak for "How We're Going to Get Dat Paper." This subsection also contained the document's sole mention of Monster Hunter 4's impending September 14 release in Japan.

In related news, Capcom appears to have invented a time-travel device, as it also plans on releasing a Devil May Cry 4-themed pachislo machine this September.

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