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Project Snowstorm raises cash for scalable cloud MMO


If you've been struggling to find and love a mobile MMO, SnowFury Studios is right there with you. Founder William Diehl is disappointed with the failure of most mobile titles to draw players into virtual worlds, promising that his company will be forging the way with Project Snowstorm: "I'm so excited about the opportunity to craft an epic storyline for Project Snowstorm, one that incorporates input and feedback from backers and fellow gamers."

Diehl said that Snowstorm will be an MMO featuring eight 3-D zones, a storyline that changes based on player actions, a real-time battle system, customizable pets, and a rated PvP system. Interestingly enough, there's a turn-based combat option for players who want to go back-and-forth over a period of days or weeks. The studio will be leveraging cloud computing to make this game look and play a lot more like a standard computer or console title and less like a mobile game.

SnowFury's team of 40 developers is poised to make this game happen for iOS and Android devices, although raising a half-million dollars in funding would be somewhat helpful. The studio has launched a Kickstarter campaign to pull in $500,000 by the end of August. Backers will be invited behind-the-scenes to watch the development in progress without an NDA. If all goes well, Project Snowstorm will land in our laps in late 2014.

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