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Stylish Boomerang iPad mount/stand now shipping


Nothing makes me happier than to see a Kickstarter or Indiegogo project not only get funded, but make it to the newly-redesigned online store. That means that even if you didn't have an opportunity to back the project, you can purchase the product outright. That's the case with the über-cool Boomerang (US$79.99 with one Multi Mount), a mounting/stand design with legs that mimic the shape of the classic Australian weapon/toy.

Whether you're using the Boomerang as a table stand for your iPad (as shown above), sticking it to a Multi Mount attached to a window or the wall, or decide to attach it to the optional Desk Stand seen below ($89.99, requires Boomerang), the unique magnetic mounting interface will keep your iPad close at hand. You can also use one or two "legs" of the Boomerang as a hand grip for iPad photography.

Stylish Boomerang iPad mountstand now shipping

The original Boomerang Kickstarter project had 516 backers and raised a total of over $50,000. Xvida, the company that's producing the Boomerang, also has an air vent mount, a suction cup mount, and a headrest mount available as options for $24.99 each. Additional Multi Mounts are also available directly from the company for $24.99 for a package of two. The Boomerang works with the second through fourth generation iPads.

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