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Breakfast Topic: What do you like to eat in game?


Sometimes it's the little things that bring real satisfaction in a game like WoW that you play over months and years rather than days or weeks. Take the food your character eats, for instance. I will go out of my way to make sure my girls are well stocked with food that I'd find appealing outside Azeroth. I like to nosh on Spicy Vegetable Chips and Peach Pie. I'm more than content with Green Curry Fish, but there's no way I'm eating something weird like Scorpion Crunchies. And Mechanopeep Foie Gras? Oh, heck no!

Do you make an effort to use consumables you think you or your characters would enjoy? Hmm, maybe Azeroth's tasty adult beverages more your specialty. Whatever you prefer to have in your bags, is it a roleplay thing for your characters, or do you look for things you'd enjoy on Earth too?

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