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Hot Shots Golf 5 online service looks set to retire to clubhouse


Cutesy-but-crazy golf sim Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds may see its online play become out of bounds by the end of October. After five years of super-deformed multiplayer fun, Sony Computer Entertainment announced the online service for the game's European variant, Everybody's Golf: World Tour, will end on October 31. Both versions access the same servers, so it seems likely the discontinuation will affect North American copies, too. We've reached out to SCE America to clarify.

Out of Bounds' multiplayer lets golfers either compete in ranked tournaments where they can win prizes for in-lobby avatars, or take to the fairways in a range of friendlier golf-offs. The good news is Vita entry Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational landed on PS3 via PSN last month, and features much of the same online tomfoolery.

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