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Infinite Crisis founders get keys, cash, and champions


Turbine Entertainment has announced a founder's program for its upcoming free-to-play DC universe MOBA, Infinite Crisis. Three different tiers of access have been revealed for $20, $50 and $100 each.

$20 unlocks the basic level, which grants access to the ongoing closed beta plus a key to share with a friend, champions Batman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern, and some in-game currency. For $50, you can get all of the basic level stuff plus an additional beta key and champions Gaslight Batman, The Flash and Poison Ivy. $100 gets all of the previously mentioned loot plus four beta keys to share, some exclusive costumes and extra in-game currency, and champions Gaslight Catwoman, Gaslight Joker, Cyborg, Nightmare Batman, Shazam, and Zatanna.

Infinite Crisis, set to launch sometime this year for the PC, is Turbine Entertainment's first non-MMORPG and an official Major League Gaming eSports game. We played Infinite Crisis back in March and enjoyed the many incarnations of Batman available.

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