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Apple execs given new responsibilities, Bob Mansfield to focus on chips


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When Apple executive Bob Mansfield left the company's executive team unexpectedly at the end of July, we wondered what his next move would be. 9to5Mac is reporting that Mansfield left his leadership capacity to refocus his efforts on chipset design for future products.

Mansfield's new position is in a "special projects" capacity under the supervision of CEO Tim Cook. His old job as senior vice president of Technologies will be split into two positions, Hardware and Operations, with Dan Riccio and Jeff Williams heading those jobs, respectively.

This shuffling of responsibility will allow Mansfield to focus on chip development without the distractions of management duties. Rumors started last November that was Apple looking to develop their own non-Intel chips under his leadership. Now that Mansfield is no longer being distracted by his management responsibilities, perhaps those rumors will finally come to fruition.

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