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BioShock Infinite loops onto Mac this month


The sky city of Columbia opens its doors to Mac owners on August 29, when a BioShock Infinite port will inject itself into Steam, the App Store, and other online portals, priced at $60.

In Aspyr Games' announcement, the Mac publisher revealed pre-orders placed through its GameAgent store will get the Columbia's Finest DLC, which came with Premium and Ultimate editions of the game at launch. The inventory-boosting DLC includes 500 Silver Eagles, 5 lockpicks, 6 gear items exclusive to it, and a couple of weapon upgrades.

Finally, Aspyr told us it hopes to make the just-released Clash in the Clouds multiplayer DLC available "ready on or very close to" the Mac version's launch. Publisher 2K Games also unveiled the narratively-focused two-part DLC Burial at Sea this week, but that remains undated for all versions.

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